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For the young, and adults till young at heart, we invite you on an adventure to discover the secrets of Falcon Crest PEC!

In addition to being a special place for Falcons to visit, the land is steeped in various legends and myths regarding mystical beings, lost pirate treasure, ancient civilizations, rum runners and more!

Based on these legends, we have designed various quests, treasure hunts, and missions that will send explorers across the grounds of Falcon Crest!


  1. 1
    The Friendly Tree


    Find the friendly Tree Spirit!  There is one somewhere on the grounds, just waiting for someone to discover it.


    Spirit tree faces aren’t so much carved or placed onto the wood as they are released from the wood by using the medium of the face.

    Legend has it that there was a young girl who lived with her parents in a woodland cottage on the North Coast.  Her father was a woodsman and her mother a healer who knew plants and herbs.  The young girl lived a  life filled with experience and lore of the forest.  This particular day the young girl had been helping and visiting with her grandmother who lived in a beautiful glen deeper in the forest from her cottage along the coast. The day grew long and the young girl was preparing to return home much later than she had planned.  Her grandmother suggested that she stay and go in the morning because it would soon be dark and the forest changes at night.  But the young girl wanted to get back home.  She wasn’t afraid of the forest. She loved the forest.  It is what she knew and it was where she spent much of her life.  The path back to her home was a familiar trail through the forest that she had taken many times before so she decided to go along.

    All day, a storm had been brewing offshore moving in from the Northwest as they often do.  The young girl thought it out and, even though her grandmother warned against it, decided that she would have plenty of time to be home ahead of the storm as she had done other times.

    Storms were a common occurrence in this part of the country, but there was something different about this storm.  There was a sinister intensity that accompanied the storm as it reached the coast and tore inland blowing branches and tangling brush as it bullied its way along.  The wind growled and moaned pushing huge black clouds blocking out the moon and stars making it so very dark that she was unable to see her way any longer.  Soon the old trail she was so familiar with was gone and she was lost in the woods she loved with the unforgiving storm.  As she continued on she became more confused and afraid  and very, very lost.

    As she stumbled through the dense woods, she remembered that if she went the wrong direction she would come to the edge of the bluffs that plunged into the rocks several hundred feet below.  And as dark as it was she already couldn’t see, and as confused as she was she had no idea which way to go.  She was frozen with fear and began to cry.  She desperately looked around praying for a hint of something familiar to orient her so she could get her bearings.  But there was nothing to guide her but darkness and tangled brush and limbs .  She was terrified and fought the urge to run headlong in any direction she could.  As she desperately looked about she caught a slight movement in a tree ahead of her to her left.  She looked again and could just barely make out that it was the face of an man on a tree and he was smiling and beckoning with his eyes for her to come to him.  She walked toward the tree and the face disappeared, but then she saw another face several feet beyond, again indicating her to come to the next tree.  She felt a calm assurance come over her as she walked toward the tree and the man’s face.  She followed the Spirit Faces through the storm and suddenly saw in the near distance a light among the trees. When her daughter was not home by the time the storm hit the young girl’s mother became concerned and put the lantern in the cottage window as a beacon of safety and home. Wood Spirits like having something to do and they seem to enjoy watching over those who take care of them.

  2. 2
    A Game of Gnomes


    Five gnomes have taken up residence on the grounds of Falcon Crest PEC.  Hidden near trees, bushes and stones… peeking at visitors, will you be able to find them all?

    # FOUND         TITLE

    1                      Novice Gnomer

    2                      Gnome Scout

    3                      Gnome Friend

    4                      Gnomemeister

    5                      Champion Gnome Finder



    The name gnome is derived from the Latin “genomus” meaning earth-dweller. Gnomes are are tasked with the protection of the earth’s treasures, such as precious metals and jewels. Gnomes are described as protecting the treasures of the earth from humans. Gnomes live underground and legend states that they can easily move through the earth. Gnomes are always describes as being small and wearing conical hats. Myths claim that gnomes are sensitive to sunlight and some legends remark that the light of the Sun will turn a gnome into stone.

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    The Fairy Door


  4. 4
    The Lost Treasure of Captain Bones


  5. 5
    The Mystery of the Moai


  6. 6
    The Tomb of Ra


  7. 7
    The Maltese Falcon